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ATM Services & Solutions

We strive to provide the most complete and well-rounded security service for your ATM.  Our Total Solution Service will provide you with all of the following services in one complete package aside from them being standalone services.

Cash Services for Financial Institutions​

Our cash services for financial institutions meets the complex needs of financial institutions and banks while minimizing expenses.

SAMA Building

Cash Services for the Retail Sector

We provide secure and efficient cash services for retail to keep your cash safe from point of sale to the bank.

Cash-in-Transit Services & Operations

Our Cash Pickup & Collections service provides you with three levels of care, giving you a completely secure service of transporting your money with our state-of-the-art Armored vehicles and Armed Guard Escorts.

Cash Center Management Services​

Management & Operations of unified Monetary Centre “Multi-Bank Cash Center” (MBCC) through our local expertise.

Diamond & Jewelry Services

In a sector where trust and high quality are paramount, Azraq CiT’s leading role in the diamond supply chain is crystal clear.

Secure Storage & Delivery of Jewelry & Valuables

Azraq CiT offers secure door-to-door collection and delivery of your Jewelry and Valuables, in addition to overnight storage at our secure Vault facility. We are able to transport your valuable deliveries both locally and internationally anywhere in the world.

Armed Security Guards VIP Protection World-Wide

We provide you with 24/7 around the clock Security services. For both long-term and short-term, we can provide you with highly trained security for all times of the day. We believe that we have the experience and the personnel to fill every security need you need for around the clock care.

Access Control

Our Access Control System is a more sophisticated and optimal version of giving everyone a key to your building. Instead of a key, they will be given “credentials” with a card or badge they can scan to gain access. By integrating this system, you can control specific time periods and individual users access.

CCTV/IP Camera Monitoring

Our CCTV Monitoring provides you with 24/7 complete coverage of all areas you choose. Recorded by our high-resolution and instant feed CCTV cameras to provide you with continuous monitoring. You can select from a variety of options that will fit your needs perfectly.

Quick-Response Alarms

Our Alarm Systems all come with a promise. A pledge of reliability and efficiency that assures your safety and protection in case of an emergency. Our Quick Response Alarm Systems deliver our clients 24/7 monitoring and around the clock staff ready to answer your call or alert.

Full Building Security​

For large buildings that have multiple layers of access, it is important that you secure it in its entirety. By inspecting your entire building and understanding your daily operations, we can collect the information we need to provide you with a comprehensive outlook on your needs. 

Parking Lot Security

Parking lots are built in a variety of different sizes some of them are massive, and others are relatively small. However, one thing that they all have in common is that they are a breeding ground for crime.

Implementing Parking Lot Security can help you ensure that those who visit your establishment feel safe and secure.

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