Rapid Response When You Need It Most

Our Alarm Systems all come with a promise. A pledge of reliability and efficiency that assures your safety and protection in case of an emergency. Our Quick Response Alarm Systems deliver our clients 24/7 monitoring and around the clock staff ready to answer your call or alert.

Security Services

  • Modernized hardware & software technology for optimal monitoring and alerts.
  • Human to Human communication the second you call us—no automated service.
  • Installation & Maintenance performed by Azraq for efficient and affordable service.

Fire Safety Services

  • Latest monitors and technology used to ensure you 100% safety.
  • We contact your local fire department first, then contact you immediately after to check in on your condition.
  • We perform test drills, calls and check response times with fire departments to continue optimizing our system for you.

“Contact Us Today to explore which Quick Response Alarm System is optimal for your building”

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