Multiple Level Security Systems

For large buildings that have multiple layers of access, it is important that you secure it in its entirety. To understand what you need in all phases of your buildings infrastructure, you will need to have an assessment performed.

By inspecting your entire building and understanding your daily operations, we can collect the information we need to provide you with a comprehensive outlook on your needs. Starting with the parking lot surrounding your building.

We move on to the entrance all the way to the last access point that you have. By doing this, we ensure a reliable formation of security safeguards throughout your establishment.

Azraq Security Full Building Security Safeguards

Vehicle Barrier Parking Access

Control who can access your parking lot and at what times with a vehicle barrier.

CCTV Monitors

Place these throughout your building and at your parking lot access point for complete coverage of your access point.

Alarm Monitoring On Doors

Integrate your doors with our Alarm Systems for rapid response alerts during restricted access times

Azraq Security Guards

Employ our highly qualified and effectively trained Security Guards to monitor your system and take action during irregularities.

Central Monitoring Station

Keep a watchful eye on all of your safeguards with a central monitoring station for our Security Guards.

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