Have Eyes On Everything

Our CCTV Monitoring provides you with 24/7 complete coverage of all areas you choose. Recorded by our high-resolution and instant feed CCTV cameras to provide you with continuous monitoring. You can select from a variety of options that will fit your needs perfectly.

Whether you only require a single camera for a small office space or multiple cameras integrated throughout your building, we can make it happen for you.

Our more complex systems can provide

  • IP addressed CCTV systems for high- level security areas
  • Analog & IP Camera Systems
  • On-site or “Cloud“ Direct Video Monitoring
  • Effective Remote Monitoring with Rapid Response Time
  • An added layer of comfort and assurance with recorded and live feed video

CCTV Cameras That Adapt To Your Setting

  • Small or Large sized cameras
  • Motion Sensor Cameras
  • Night-Vision Cameras
  • Remote Adjustable Cameras for different angles

“Contact Azraq CiT Today to get your building or business secured with blanket CCTV Camera coverage”

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