Azraq CIT has an integrated system to transfer cash through a fleet of armored vehicles in accordance with the international standards approved by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), equipped with the latest monitoring and follow-up systems, in addition to using the latest types of cash security bags. We also hire qualified, experienced staff and train them through a comprehensive training programs.

We provide the following cash transport services:

  • Transport cash between bank centers, branches, and SAMA.
  • Transport cash pick-ups and deliveries for banks and retail customers on “said-to-contain” basis.
  • Cash collection and counting for retail customers and deposit to their bank accounts.
  • Transport cash shipments from KSA major airports and delivery to client locations.
  • Confidential & valuable documents collection “bank & bank customers”.

Our CIT benefits:

  • Comprehensive all risk insurance coverage for transported cash.
  • Reduced receipt and delivery times which result in  reducing risk against your customers and employees
  • High quality services using procedures and integrated documentation.
  • Give you the same level of security and care regardless of the size or value of cash transported
  • Our staff are trained to comply with strict procedures and guidelines that ensure the safety of your staff and property.
  • Designing the operational model that best suits the service provided after conducting a field survey to assess potential risks and security requirements.

We do not claim to be the best but we are confident in providing (value-added) CIT services to our clients

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