Cash Center Management Services

Cash Center Management Services

We have the expertise inManagement & Operations of bank Single & Multi Cash Centers “MBCC”. The service is provided with high quality standards and advanced technical technology that keep abreast of recent developments in this field.

Cash Processing

We sort bank notes according to (SAMA) quality requirements and distribute them to bank cash centers, bank branches and Bank ATMs.

  • Packing, and Unpacking ATM of cassettes
  • Retail Cash Processing
  • Bank Branch Cash Processing
  • Fitness Sorting
  • Authentication

ATM Managed Services

  • ATM Replenishment Services
  • First-Line Maintenance (FLM)  
  • Coordination of Second-Line Maintenance (SLM) through ATMs vendors

Cash Transport Services

  • Collection & Delivery from commercial bank
  • Collection & delivery from retailers
  • Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs)

Vault Management

  • Management of cash positions across the vaults within the cash supply chain
  • Single /Multi bank Center Long Term Forecasting of Cash
  • Vault Cash Forecasting
  • Bank Branch Cash Forecasting

Cheque collection and clearance

Bank Cash Center & Other Services  

Fully manage the site securing process for all Banks by providing the following support services:

  • ATM site selection
  • ATM site preparation
  • ATM installation   
  • Supply ATM kiosk for offsite ATMs
  • ATM site cleaning
  • ATM site maintenance. E.g.  A/C, power, lights… etc

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