ATMs play a major role in satisfying bank consumer demand for round the clock access to banking services. Azraq CIT Est. provides ATM solutions to ensure availability of cash in ATMs to bank customers.

Cash Replenishment Service

ATMs are the basic services provided by banks to their customers, which requires their readiness around the clock by replenishing them with cash and maintaining them. We provide this service in accordance with the best technical and security methods, using qualified technical and security personnel supported by the best aids and armored vehicles equipped with the latest modern technologies.

Our Cash replenishment services ensure that your ATMs are always ready to serve bank customers.

First Line & Second Line Maintenance

When the ATM is down due to technical or logistic issues, our trained and qualified personnel meet the initial and technical requirements, maintaining your ATM for optimal efficiency and overall performance to give you peace of mind and delighted customers.

First Line Maintenance (FLM)

First-line maintenance includes routine support, replacement and restocking of consumables such as paper and ink, and solving minor problems such as jams from currency, cards or paper.

Second Line Maintenance (SLM)

Second-Line Maintenance includes ATM maintenance such as replacing or repairing worn parts as well as updating software. We coordinate with ATM vendors to do SLM

Be Prepared, Be Assured

Handling the required amount of cash for ATMs, must have proper security measures. We dedicate ourselves to the safety of you and your assets. Building a fool-proof system with the most qualified individuals.

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