Armored Vehicles

Armored Vehicles

We have a new generation of armored vehicle fleet that has been equipped with the latest technologies that comply with international security standards and specifications.

Azraq CiT’s Armored Vehicles are unlike any other in the market. We have built and outfitted our vans with safety and security in mind. Utilizing built-in features that can be accessed quickly and efficiently by our clients, we provide the most customer-friendly armored vehicle experience you will find.

Our armored vehicles are equipped with all the necessary security and safety requirements.

Live Feed Cameras for Complete Coverage

Each of our vehicles is equipped with an advanced GPS system. This allows us to monitor the entire transport and its route from a remote location to ensure the service is completed correctly and safely.

Guards & Supervisors Equipped With Live Portable Video Recorders (PVRs)

All our armored vehicles are equipped with integrated CCTV systems in all sections. Each camera is operated remotely and can be connected to your mobile phone directly, allowing you to cover directly to follow your missions in the field.

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